Skupinové doučování pro děti (základní škola)

Dobrovolníci pomůžou dětem s domácími úkoly a školní látkou.

At the Centre for Integration of Foreigners we offer group tutoring for children with a different mother tongue who attend a Czech primary school.

Group tutoring takes place every Tuesday from 17:00 to 18:00 at CIC (Pernerova 10/32). Tutoring is free of charge.

Volunteers are present at the group tutoring sessions to help the children with their homework. Volunteers substitute the role of the parent in checking the homework and giving advice on how to complete the homework properly. Volunteers can also practice with the children according to their needs.

To participate in tutoring, registration is required using this form:


Group tutoring is not suitable for newly arrived children from Ukraine, tutoring is not designed for complete beginners in the Czech language.


Praha - Dobrovolnický program

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