Perspective Offer

Perspektiva (Perspective) is a social rehabilitation program that helps people from other countries when they are looking for a job.

We welcome people from other countries who have a legal residence in the Czech Republic, have been unemployed for over three months and have free access to the labour market.


We offer individual support and training in these areas:

  • writing a CV and a motivation letter;
  • rehearsing your phone and face-to-face job interview; 
  • choosing a retraining course;
  • rights and obligations of employees;
  • communication with employment offices and employers.



We organize regular group activities: Job clubs (Jobkluby) and Czech language courses:



A Job club (Jobklub) is a group workshop. Our Job clubs aim at guiding the participants in the process of their looking for a job in the Czech Republic. They also seek to develop the necessary skills of communication and self-presentation so that clients could find a job on their own. Another important goal is to provide the participants with information on the basic rights and obligations of the employee and the employer. 


When does the Club meet?

Job clubs are organized once a month, except for summer and Christmas holidays. It is usually the last Friday of a given month, before noon.


Who can attend?

Clients of the Perspektiva (Perspective) service take priority, though other expatriates who are currently looking for a job are welcomed as well. An average turnout is 10 to 15 people.


What do you discuss?

How to look for job offers, how recruitment agencies work, LinkedIn, risky offers, CV and motivation letter, getting ready for a job interview, key provisions of labour law. Every time we try to invite an interesting guest, someone from a recruitment agency or a firm, so you can talk with them. At the end of every semester, we organize a hands-on session for our Perspektiva clients – they have a mock interview with an HR specialist.


What language do you speak?

We speak Czech, the level will be comfortable for pre-intermediate students and above. Beginners can join us too and learn some new vocabulary. If you do not understand something, we will explain it later during an individual consultation. So, at the same time a Job club is also an opportunity to improve your Czech. 


Where does the Club meet?

Adress Pernerova 10/32, 186 00, Praha 8. The club can also meet online.



The social rehabilitation service Perspektiva (Perspective) offers Czech language courses. These are for people from other countries who cannot speak Czech and are currently not working. The Czech course is one of the activities of the Perspektiva program. The language course is offered as part of a service package. An interest in individual consultations on employment issues and participation in job clubs (jobkluby) is expected as well.

Level: beginners/false beginners (A0/A1) and elementary/pre-intermediate (A1/A2). 

When: 90 minutes / once per week

Group size: maximum of 12 students.

Cost: none (a free course).

Topics: first meeting, hobbies and interests, discussing health, giving and asking for directions, phone conversations, email communication, CV, job interview, etc. 



The service is aimed at people from other countries living in Prague who have been unemployed for three months or longer, have a legal right to stay in the Czech Republic and do not need a work permit to be employed in the Czech Republic.

The service is not designed for people seeking asylum which is applicable at all stages of the application process.

Possible categories of potential clients:

  • parents who have been on parental leave.
  • people who are at a disadvantage due to health issues and other factors.
  • elderly people or young clients.
  • people who are caring for dependent household members.